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Piano Service and Tuning in London and the UK from Jaques Samuel

Piano Tuning London – Standard and Specialist Technician Tuning

We are based in London and undertake over 6000 piano tunings across the UK each year. Our tuners are highly experienced and any piano tuner joining our staff must successfully complete our strict inhouse examination.

Owing to changes in temperature and humidity pianos go out of tune and require regular tuning. How often a piano needs to be tuned depends on the usage. We generally recommend one tuning every six months for a piano in a normal domestic situation. Allow one hour for tuning.

We offer two levels of tuning services:

Standard Tuning

Pitch Raise 

piano tuning tool

£84.00 incl VAT
For pianos in a domestic situation.

a piano technician is servicing a concert grand in London

£117.00 incl VAT
For pianos that have not been tuned for a long time and are below concert pitch (A440)

Evening Tunings after 6pm

Weekend Tunings

someone playing piano in the evening

£84.00 incl VAT weekday
For pianos in a domestic situation (excl pitch raise)

sheets of a calender with SAT and SUN on them

£84.00 incl VAT Saturday
£94.00 incl VAT Sunday
For pianos in a domestic situation (excl pitch raise)




Credit or Debit cards will be required to secure the booking. Your card will be charged prior to the tuner attending.

If you require further information about our tuning service please contact Lucy Muentes by email or use our contact form.

Cancellation Policy:

Less than 48 hours' notice 50% (70 hours' for Monday tunings)

Piano Servicing / Piano Service

a hammer is softened with a needle toolpiano restorationa hammer is shaped with a ribbon

To keep your piano in good condition and to make sure you are content with its performance we recommend it is serviced every two years.

1/2 Day service: £360.00 incl. VAT
Full Day service: £560.00 incl. VAT

The piano services include:
Regulating - adjustment of the thousands of piano parts
Levelling of the keyboard
Voicing / toning of the hammer
Minor repairs


The playing mechanism of a piano is called the ‘action’. It consists of over 8000 parts which require highly accurate adjustments to allow the piano to respond to a persons playing in the best possible way.

Humidity, temperature and usage affect the wooden and felt parts of the mechanism. To avoid sticking keys, squeaky pedals or an uneven feel periodic adjustments can become neccessary. The frequency of regulation depends on the quality of the instrument, its age, condition and wear. However every two years is considered the norm.

Voicing (Toning)

The more a piano is played, the more the felt on the hammer wears down and compresses. Voicing consists of softening (needling) or hardening the hammer felts and adjusting their shape. By doing this the tone is made even across the keyboard and the range of expression you can produce on the instrument is widened.

Pitch Raise

If the piano has not been tuned for a long time, the pitch slowly drops further and further away from its original level. Consequently it becomes much harder to pull the strings back to their original tension. The tuner needs to raise the tension first and then do a further fine tuning. Regular tuning will prevent the need for a pitch raise. If required you will be consulted before the work is undertaken, as it incurs an additional fee.

About 95% of the pianos tuned by us are tuned to A440
or C523.3, the standard concert pitch. However, some customers prefer a slightly different tuning, for example a higher pitch or a wider scale. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Piano Evaluation

If you want to know, how much your piano is worth, we can send a technician to you who will write a report on your piano taking into account the quality and condition of the highly complex action as well as the piano case.


Lucy Muentes is here to help with your tuning.

020 7723 8818