Our Covid-19 Rules


We are available to show you our full range of pianos and would ask you to make an appointment in advance of your attendance. We regret that we are unable to have more than one client/family selecting pianos at any one time. In the event that you arrive without notice and there is a selection in progress we will not be able to offer you our attention until the showroom is clear of the previous clients.


Our transport men will deliver your piano however this requires the physical manhandling of the instrument which weighs hundreds of kilograms. It is therefore the responsibility of the client to adhere to social distancing and remain at least two metres from our men. Our men are not able to adjust their movements to compensate for social distancing.

We advise that the piano is wiped down with a non-bleach based mild detergent or the piano is left for 72 hours before being touched or played.


Our tuners will work as normal during this time. 

Our tuners will carry their own hand sanitizer however please make handwashing facilities, with a clean unused towel, available to them. 

Please note that you must adhere to social distancing whilst our tuner is in your home/venue.

Where possible please open windows and allow as much fresh air into the rooms as possible.

After the tuner leaves we advise that the piano keyboard is wiped down with a non-bleach based mild detergent or the piano is left for 72 hours before being touched or played.  


Our practice rooms bookings have been altered for the COVID-19 period. Maximum 2 people per room; no waiting area for family or friends, please have them wait outside. NB: Clients will not be permitted to enter the building until 5 minutes before their booking.  

You must leave the building (not the practice room) on time, no standing or talking in the shop. We will knock on the door of the room 5 minutes before you are required to leave the room. Our staff will disinfect the door handles and keyboards between each booking period.

If you are staying for more than one booking period we will not disturb you in between; the room will be cleaned at the end of your complete booking.


Clients are not permitted to enter the office area at this time. If you require assistance please call out to the staff in the office and they will assist you as soon as possible.

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