The C. Bechstein name is synonymous with exquisite grand and upright pianos made in Germany. Outstanding quality for beginners and professional pianists alike.

Uprights           Grands          Silent Systen (Vario)

C. Bechstein Grand Pianos

Grand Pianos: C. Bechstein Residence Range

C. Bechstein L 167

length: 167 cm

width: 153 cm

weight: 318 kg

C. Bechstein B 212

length: 212 cm

width: 154 cm

weight: 416 kg

C. Bechstein M/P 192

length: 192 cm

width: 153 cm

weight: 362 kg

C. Bechstein C 234

length: 234 cm

width: 158 cm

weight: 439 kg

C. Bechstein D 282

length: 282 cm

width: 160 cm

weight: 540 kg

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William Fong, Purcell School

Grand Pianos: C. Bechstein Academy Range

Bechstein Academy 160

length: 160 cm

width: 151 cm

weight: 308 kg

Bechstein Academy 190

length: 190 cm

width: 153 cm

weight: 348 kg

Bechstein Academy 175

length: 175 cm

width: 152 cm

weight: 334 kg

Bechstein Academy 208

length: 208 cm

width: 154 cm

weight: 375 kg

Bechstein Academy 228

length: 228 cm

width: 159 cm

weight: 417 kg

Vario System

This silent system was especially developed for the uprights and grands of the Bechstein group. When you activate the Vario mute, the cords and the soundboard generate no sound, hence the expression “silent system”. As a consequence, you can play around the clock without disturbing anyone – as though you were in a soundproof booth.

This innovative module is made in Germany. It not only stands out for its optimum dynamics, elegant design and user-friendliness, but also perfectly renders the player’s touch.

The VARIO App integrates itsself seamlessly into the VARIO digital system and offers a comfortable handling of detailed features. Your favourite settings can be saved directly in the VARIO element and can be accessed by the push of a button without the app.


Your C. Bechstein piano is a friend for a lifetime.

C. Bechstein Residence Grand Pianos

The grand pianos of the C. Bechstein Residence line have exquisite sound quality, fine differentiability, and a noble voice that will motivate every passionate player. These C. Bechstein grand pianos meet the requirements for performance on stage and are found in many concert halls They are also suitable for more private music rooms. Professional pianists are also enjoying them at home while preparing for their public performances. The musical refinement of these grand pianos is audible even in the strongest fortissimo and most delicate pianissimo.


C. Bechstein Academy Grand Pianos

The Academy uprights and grands of the Bechstein brand are an alternative to the outstanding, but more costly pianos of the Residence line. They have been tailored to the needs of conservatories and are available on a smaller budget. Although not designed to perform in large concert halls, these instruments are still made to satisfy professional demands. These pianos are powerful enough for performances in chamber music halls and private venues, and they are sturdy enough to withstand the playing of the most vigorous music students.

Differences between the acoustic assemblies of the two lines are found in the selection and combination of materials as well as in the crafting process.


Enjoy a legendary brand, an instrument with a wonderful timbre and an elegant, subtle action!

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