Piano Tuning and Servicing


London's largest piano hire company – 1000s of pianos hired every year 

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Based in London we undertake 1000s of tunings each year. Our tuners are highly experienced and most have been trained here at Jaques Samuel Pianos to our exacting standards. Owing to changes in temperature and humidity, pianos go out of tune and require regular tuning, regardless of whether they are played or not. We recommend tuning at least every six months for a piano in a normal domestic situation. 

Please contact us, we are happy to help!

Standard Tuning: £120.00 incl VAT 

Concert Technician Tuning: £156.00 incl VAT 

Evening Tunings (by quotation) 

Weekend Tunings: £156 incl VAT 

Pitch Raise: + 50% 

Half-Day Piano Service: £624.00 incl. VAT

Full-Day Piano Service: £1248.00 incl. VAT

NB: Service work subject to prior inspection by a Concert Technician. This is best done by the technician coming to tune the piano as the call-out charge is the same (£120).

Cancellation: 48 hours notice for cancellation must be given, after that full price will be charged.