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Tuning and Servicing


Ensuring your piano is kept in optimal condition

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Standard Technician Tuning


Concert Technician Tuning


Full-Day Service


Our Full-Day Service involves our concert technician spending the day regulating the many thousands of moving parts of your piano and making adjustments to the felts of the hammers and dampers.


This highly skilled and detailed work is time-consuming and requires a quiet environment, especially if any voicing is undertaken.


Your piano's regulation and voicing are constantly changing as the parts are made from wood and felt. These are natural products, and as a result, they swell and shrink with the different levels of humidity in the environment. Thus, they need to be adjusted back to their optimum performance level.


Moreover, the normal wear and tear that your piano experiences over time can affect its performance. The adjustments made during our Full-Day Service are designed to effectively compensate for these gradual changes, ensuring your piano continues to perform at its best, given its age.


Once all of the regulation is complete, the technician may opt to ‘voice’ the piano. This process uses fine needles to prick the hammerheads to even out the sound across the notes. Each hammer will harden at a different rate depending on how hard and how often it is played. Some notes may require voicing, and others may not.

Half-Day Service


As with our Full-Day Service, a Half-Day Service is aimed at pianos that require less time to improve their performance.

If your piano requires tuning or servicing, please fill out the form below or contact us on 02077238818.

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Please note, all tuning services must be paid at least 48 hours ahead of the appointment or the appointment will be cancelled.

A link will be sent via email at the time of booking for you to settle the invoice in full.

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