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Upright, grand and baby grand pianos for beginners and professional pianists. Made in Europe by C. Bechstein.

Uprights      Grands


W. Hoffmann Upright Pianos

Uprights: W. Hoffmann Professional


W. Hoffmann P 114

heigth: 114 cm

width: 150 cm

depth: 61 cm

weight: 230 kg


W. Hoffmann P 126

heigth: 126 cm

width: 150 cm

depth: 63 cm

weight: 252 kg

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Uprights: W. Hoffmann Tradition


W. Hoffmann T 122

heigth: 122 cm

width: 147 cm

depth: 61 cm

weight: 227 kg


W. Hoffmann T 128

heigth: 128 cm

width: 147 cm

depth: 62.5 cm

weight: 376 kg

Uprights: W. Hoffmann Vision


W. Hoffmann V 112

heigth: 112 cm

width: 151 cm

depth: 56 cm

weight: 220 kg


W. Hoffmann Pianos: European Quality Standards at an Affordable Price. Made in Europe by C. Bechstein.

C. Bechstein manufactures these competitive pianos at its European production site located in the Czech Republic. The manufacturing processes integrate traditional craftsmanship and efficient management. You can choose among three product lines: Professional, Tradition and Vision. 

W. Hoffmann Professional

This W. Hoffmann Professional high-quality, yet affordable line meets the demands of professional pianists. The instruments were developed in Germany by C. Bechstein’s R&D department. A mid-segment range of outstanding quality. Exquisite materials processed according to a rich craftsmanship tradition in piano building. These pianos feature durability, impressive power, beautiful voice and exquisite design.

W. Hoffmann Tradition

W. Hoffmann Tradition are affordable, top-class upright and grand pianos. European quality with all the hallmarks of the traditional art of German piano-making.

W. Hoffmann Vision

Good quality at an affordable price: the W. Hoffmann Vision instruments, developed in Germany by the C. Bechstein R&D department, boast outstanding value for money. Richer in sound, they are Europe’s answer to pianos mass-produced in Asia. These upright and grand pianos are made using highly modern production processes, their qualities include an impeccable touch and a nuanced voice.

Enjoy these fabulous upright and grand pianos, suitable for beginners and professional pianists!

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