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Kawai Grand Pianos

At Jaques Samuel Pianos you will find the full range of Kawai upright and grand pianos.

Koichi Kawai, the founder of the piano company, was the first in Japan to build a complete piano action. After years of dedication and hard work, the piano company he established became one of the most famous piano brands in the world.

The advanced Millennium keyboard action used in the Kawai grand pianos incorporates the latest materials, combining ABS resin with carbon fibre. This compound is both highly rigid and extremely lightweight – a superb alternative to wood, which makes the keyboard action of Kawai pianos more durable and less prone to performance degradation over time.

grands kawai
Kawai GL-10 (+ ATX4)
piano finishes

length: 153 cm

width: 150 cm

weight: 282 kg

Kawai GL-30 (+ ATX4/Aures2)
piano finishes

length: 166 cm

width: 150 cm

weight: 312 kg

Kawai GL-50

RRP £22,555


length: 188 cm

width: 152 cm

weight: 334 kg

The Kawai instruments combine the properties of different hardwoods which results in the pianos having a broad range of sound. The touch is light, the tone rich, vivid and expressive.

RRP £10,777 (black) - £16,333 (other finish)

RRP £16,444 (black) - £22,555 (ATX4/Aures2)

Kawai GX-1

RRP £22,333


length: 166 cm

width: 150 cm

weight: 314 kg

Kawai GX-2 (+ ATX4/Aures2)

RRP £24,222 (black) - £30,333 (ATX4/Aures2))


length: 180 cm

width: 152 cm

weight: 324 kg

Kawai GX-3

RRP £29,889


length: 188 cm

width: 152 cm

weight: 334 kg

Kawai GX-5

RRP £36,555


length: 200 cm

width: 153 cm

weight: 351 kg

Kawai GX-6

RRP £39,667


length: 214 cm

width: 154 cm

weight: 382 kg

Kawai GX-7

RRP £45,888


length: 229 cm

width: 157 cm

weight: 417 kg

Our sales team is happy to help
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General Manager / Piano Sales

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