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Fazioli Grand Pianos

Signor Fazioli and his small team make around 140 pianos each year. Such limited production ensures

that each instrument receives the highest level of care and attention from the start of its production

until it finally leaves the factory.

Fazioli Pianos has been producing grand and concert grand pianos since 1981, when the company was founded by the engineer and pianist Paolo Fazioli. Fazioli pianos are built with a passion for music, great artisanship, continuous technological research and strict material selection. The factory is located in Sacile, in the Province of Pordenone (60 km Northeast of Venice) in an area boasting an ancient and prestigious tradition in the art of woodworking. 

The history of the Fazioli company is characterised by a growing number of successes: their pianos are now found in the world’s most prestigious theatres and are treasured by renowned artists, some of whom exclusively require Fazioli pianos for their concerts; among them the great pianist Angela Hewitt and living jazz legend Herbie Hancock.

We stock a selection of Fazioli pianos, subject to availability. The full range consists of six pianos, from the F156 baby grand to the F278 and F308 concert grands.

Upon request, Fazioli is able to apply any aesthetic variation to the piano, according to the client’s specific request or original project. If you are interested, please speak to us.

Fazioli F 228

length: 228 cm

width: 155 cm

weight: 415 kg

Fazioli F 278

length: 278 cm

width: 155 cm

weight: 590 kg

Fazioli F 308

length: 308 cm

width: 156 cm

weight: 690 kg

Fazioli F 156

length: 156 cm

width: 149 cm

weight: 295 kg

Fazioli F 183

length: 183 cm

width: 153 cm

weight: 362 kg

Fazioli F 212

length: 212 cm

width: 154 cm

weight: 416 kg

All models are available in the following finishes:







feathered mahogany



Our sales team is happy to help
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Matthew Hardwidge

General Manager / Piano Sales

Jeremy Taylor

Sales Consultant

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