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Piano Hire for your Home


London's largest piano hire company – 1000s of pianos hired every year 


If you are looking to hire a piano, Jaques Samuel Pianos is the ideal destination.

Our upright home hire fleet consists mainly of pianos with silent functions. Standard uprights start from £150/month and silent uprights from £195/month. 

Our grand piano home hire fleet consists of a range of brands. All hire subject to availability. Tuning is free every six months, you just need to call and book it with us.

Please contact us, we are happy to help!

Upright and grand pianos

Most uprights with silent functions

​Payments are taken monthly, in advance, by credit/debit card (only)

To hire a piano, you will need to bring your passport and a credit/debit card

If you move premises during the hire period, you must have Jaques Samuel Pianos move the instrument to the new location, for which you will be charged.

We are happy to help
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Matthew Hardwidge

General Manager / Piano Sales

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