Piano and Singing Teachers


Piano Teachers

Andre, Nadine - http://www.nadineandre.com

Andrukh, Erana - http://www.eranaspianoschool.org

Argirova, Gergana (ASD+Mainstream) - http://www.londonmusicbox.com

Bosman, Hans - http://www.hansbosma.com

Chen, Belle - http://www.bellechen.com

Chen, Bobby - http://www.bobbychen.org

Cristall-Clarke, Jonah - http://www.londonpianoteachers.co.uk

Francis, Grace - http://www.gracefrancispianist.com

Kam, Mathew -  http://www.matthewkam.com

Lázaro, Bárbara - http://on.fb.me/xStLst

Lopez, Sergio - http://creativepiano.co.uk

Reznek, Renee - http://www.reneereznek.com

Skwara, Olivia -  http://www.hamptonmusicschool.co.uk

Sokol, Georges - http://www.gsokol.com/

Weaver, Marc-Corbett - http://www.marccorbett-weaver.com

Womack-Banning, Lorraine - http://lorrainewomackbanning.wordpress.com

Yao, Yi - http://www.yiyao.co.uk


Singing Teachers

Fisher, Jeremy and Kayes, Dr Gillyanne - http://www.vocalprocess.co.uk

Foster, Philip - http://www.philipfosterco.com

Gossage, Julie - http://www.juliegossage.com

Halton, Richard - http://www.richardhalton.co.uk

Kardasinska, Basia, Ms - http://bit.ly/ACqY4e

Kayes, Dr Gillyanne and Fisher, Jeremy - http://www.vocalprocess.co.uk

Rauscher, Marika - http://www.marikarauscher.co.uk

Thyselius, Karin - http://karinthyselius.com

Vocals, Amos and Jackson - http://www.amosandjackson.com



Other Teachers

Leitner, Stefanie - http://www.allflutesplus.co.uk/users/sleitner#profile-teacher

Mikiskaite, Rusne - http://www.saxophonelessonslondon.co.uk




Jaques Samuel Pianos has compiled the following list in order to assist those seeking suitable teachers.

The listings we offer do not represent an endorsement of any of the teachers or their individual teaching methods. The teachers listed are not endorsed by Jaques Samuel Pianos and we offer no guarantees relating to the services provided by them.

We would strongly advise that potential employers, students and parents fully research any teachers they are considering engaging, be that by references, personal background checks, information on costs and terms, or any other means available to ensure the security of your students.

Jaques Samuel Pianos endevours to provide accurate and correct information however should there be any information on our teachers’ page which you consider to be untrue, inappropriate or a risk to others please contact james@jspianos.com immediately.


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